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In this 50-minute, interactive course, the experts at AllCare Insurance will provide an in-depth look at the implications of engaging a professional employer organization (PEO) for growing, small-to-mid-sized businesses. Learn how you can provide options and alternatives that will help your clients get the most out of their benefits, payroll, and HR needs.

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Course Objectives

Understand common misconceptions associated with using a PEO including:

  • Internal resource requirements
  • The truth about employer liability
  • Access to high-quality employee benefits
  • Affordable HR and benefits technology
  • Potential costs savings of an unbundled solution

Course Requirements

Students will learn the benefits of PEO alternatives by having an interactive discussion on the:

  • Characteristics of what makes a client a good candidate for a PEO alternative
  • Importance of providing a thorough analysis of whether or not engaging a PEO alternative is the right choice for their clients
    • Financial analysis of PEO alternatives, including employee benefits
    • Challenges associated with transitioning from a PEO to an alternative solution


In order to receive continuing education credits for this online class, you must attend the entire class course and participate in all class exercises. The third-party vendor tracking your participation (WebEx), will provide AIICare Insurance with your information. If you do not attend the entire course or participate in exercises, you will not receive course credit.