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The PEO Escape Story

Over the last thirty years Ryan Insurance Services, LLC (RIS) and its predecessor insurance agencies have handled the employee benefit needs of the ActOne Group, which is the largest minority owned staffing company in the country with $3 Billion in revenues. 

RIS and AllCare Insurance Agency, part of the ActOne Group, have joined forces to specifically create the PEO Escape program for the marketplace. As a health insurance brokerage and two-time Inc. 5000 company, RIS has seen certain companies significantly outgrow the financial merits behind having a PEO continue to co-manage the internal human resource requirements of their clients.

The teaming together of insurance professionals at AllCare, with an industry leading staffing company was exactly the combination of capabilities that these qualified companies needed to actually consider the benefits of unbundling from their PEOs. The PEO Escape program is the comprehensive and fully integrated process recently developed by AllCare to help companies exit from their PEO arrangements and internally manage this important area of their businesses. 

Embarking on unbundling from their PEO can be a very daunting task for companies to even contemplate. It requires that the company’s management team relies heavily upon the type of experience and expertise which resides within the team at AllCare. Feeling confident that certain size companies had reached the point of being ready to transition away from their PEOs and save significant amounts of money by doing so, AllCare went about proving this concept by successfully assisting several organizations Escape from their existing PEO. 

As the parent company standing behind AllCare, ActOne is committed to providing the resources needed to assist other companies in confidently navigating out of their current PEO arrangements, by implementing this unbundling process. Our pledge is to be there for our clients on an ongoing basis, allowing them to retain their independence once the transition has been completed.

PEO Escape - Get the Facts

Want to Know More?

In this robust white paper titled PEO: The Devil is in the Details, we outline the unforeseen challenges that come with engaging a PEO.

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Want to Know More?

In this robust white paper titled PEO: The Devil is in the Details, we outline the unforeseen challenges that come with engaging a PEO.

Are you Ready?

Ready to talk to an AllCare Insurance expert?


Health, Dental, Vision
Supplemental Benefits


Time Cards
Employer of Record


Temporary and Full-Time Workers
Offers and Onboarding
Administrative support

Benefits, payroll, and HR make up a big portion of your employee-related expenses. Take a look at two, real-life examples of the financial impact of engaging AllCare to implement a PEO Escape.

Want to know more?

In this robust white paper titled The Devil is in the Details, we outline the unforeseen challenges that come with engaging a PEO and what you can do to ensure you make the most-informed decision for your business.

"I was impressed with how AllCare gave our team the confidence needed to implement this enhanced alternative. They were there for us every step of the way in making this change. They not only saved us a significant amount of money, but their commitment to ongoing service is exceptional. Their ability to work with our team, is similar to how our bankers work with our clients."
David I. Rayner
Executive Chairman/CEO, Bank of Southern California
"The goal was to spend more time growing my business and less time worrying about administering it. After reviewing the in-depth financial assessment AllCare did for us, we chose to retain them to assist us in unbundling from our PEO, and moving to what we considered was a better fit for our company. By only paying for the services we require and taking more internal control, we not only saved a considerable amount of money, but we also gained a greater independent profile with our stakeholders."
Jeffrey Westheimer
Senior Managing Director, Lido Advisors
"By having the AllCare team available to us as an external HR adjunct to our internal staff, knowing the CFO of The ActOne Group and President of their insurance agency was available to us for guidance on an as needed basis, made the business decision to leave our PEO one of the best we've made. AllCare has now handled our company's requirements in this area for the last couple years and has done an excellent job. I highly recommend that a company looks at PEO Escape, before renewing with their PEO."
Michael G. Skinner
Owner, MG Skinner & Associates

At AllCare you get more than a PEO Escape, you get access to partners and resources from award-winning, industry leaders.

A Powerful Ally

The highly-competitive payroll, insurance, and benefits model offered by AllCare Insurance Agency, Inc. is backed by the ActOne Group, a global leader in workforce management. As an ActOne Group company, AllCare has the resources to negotiate options and pricing that give their clients a way to take control of the health of their business and their bottom-line.

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